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How much topsoil do I need in my new yard?
To lay sod you should have a minimum of 4” or 100mm. For seeding, a minimum of 6” or 150mm is recommended. This is where you do not want to be short and an even spread over your yard will result in a uniformed colored, lush green looking lawn.
I want to build a small patio by myself, but I am not sure what I need for a base. Can I just remove the sod and build it on the topsoil? It seems pretty firm...
No way! We have repaired many patios in town that did not have a proper base built under it. This is the most important step in being happy for years to come with your patio. (or retaining wall for that matter!) Ideally , you want to build a patio on firm ‘virgin’ ground or compacted clay (get rid of ALL topsoil). A compacted gravel base(3/8 minus) at a thickness of 4-6” or 100-150mm provides an excellent base. Make sure to leave room for an inch or two of sand to help levelling the bricks.
How often should I do a Spring Clean Up? (ie. Aerating my lawn)
If you pay attention to the yards that have a full clean up each year, you can easily answer this question for yourself! Aerating and power raking helps to get oxygen to the root system and a healthy lawn means you won’t have to spend so much time and money battling weeds throughout the season! The lawn will do that for you!
I am going away this summer but I want to make sure my lawn gets looked after while I am gone. Who will help me with that?
Well TLC will, That’s who! Whether you need a one time mowing or you don’t want to push that mower at all this year, we are here to help! Fill out the free estimate form and we will get back to you on costs tailor made to your needs!
I need a new septic system. What do I do now? What steps do I need to follow?
Well your most important first step is to call TLC. We will look after everything from soil testing, permits and inspections, design and installation. Simply put, TLC will look after everything! Fill out a free estimate form to get the ball rolling. This is an easier process than you might think!
We bought a new acreage, but it doesn’t drain well and I think there should be a culvert somewhere, and I think we are driving
in on a goat trail. I can’t really call it a road. Who can I call to help with this?
We as you can suspect…TLC is the place to get all the help you need on your acreage site! We can build up your road and yard site, establish some drainage and put in a culvert to get that water moving down the ditch. Check out our Equipment page. You will see that we are more than well equipped to do almost anything! And we have experience to boot!!
I am tired of calling all over town and talking to different contractors. Is there a 1 stop shop anywhere around here?
Well you have come to the right place! TLC can help you with many aspects of your yard. We will build your yard site, dig your basement, build a road in to the site. Spread topsoil and plant trees and shrubs, install irrigation, build a fence around your property, seed the open areas, lay sod , tie in your water well, install your septic system. Supply and install decorative rock and mulch, and after we are all finished we can maintain your yard site with our mowing and trimming professionals and in the winter keep the sidewalk and roadways clear of all snow that comes our way!
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